How To Lose Vagina Fat

There is no way to lose only vagina fat. When you have fat located in this area of the body you no doubt have more excess fat throughout the rest of your body that must be dealt with as well. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this problem area and it cannot be focussed on solely without the rest of the body involved. Now we can move on to step #1 which is cardio. The term cardio is one many women dread. There are very few people in the world who love to run and the rest of us simply try to avoid cardio as much as we can. The major misconception about cardio is that running is not the sole way to achieve it. Walking, biking, jogging, kayaking, rollerblading, swimming and canoeing are all different ways to achieve your cardio without having to spend hours running on a treadmill.

When you have chosen your method of cardio remember you don’t have to stick with it forever; mix it up! Your workout becomes more enjoyable when you are not doing the same thing over and over again. After about 35minutes of moderate cardio you will want to begin your strength training. It is important not to neglect one area of the body over another so since we are focussing on the vagina area, start with the legs, arms, chest and butt. Spend at least 10minutes on each area to ensure they are getting enough attention to make a difference. Make sure your reps are done strongly and slowly so you are getting the most out of your workout.

Thigh training exercises are the best way to target your vaginal area. The hip abductor and hip extender are two machines you should spend a great deal of time on within your gym. By getting started you first want to choose an appropriate amount of weight you can handle to do at least 15reps with. Definitely try to avoid too much weight or too little; adjust as your body begins to increase its strength over time. The weights will be on the inside of your thighs for the hip abductor and the outside for the hip extender. It is basically a crunch for your thighs and you will see great results with this.

Learning how to lose fat vagina can be difficult and even frustrating at times but it is not impossible! Take the time to dedicate to your fitness and health and you will begin to see results. Create a healthy diet plan and a regular workout routine and you will be well on your way. Get started today and burn that unwanted vagina fat!

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